Our office business hours are Monday to Friday 9am- 6pm and on Saturday 10am- 2pm. The office is closed on Sundays and all state holidays. Any business outside of retrieving your vehicle like, but not limited to collecting personal property, retrieval of plates, proof of tow and itemized statement of charges must be conducted during office business hours.

Vehicles can be reclaimed at any time, if you are picking up your vehicle outside of office business hours please call to make an appointment.


We accept EXACT Cash or Credit Card (Mastercard/ Visa). We do not accept checks.

Credit card payments are only accepted from the registered owner or agent. All credit card payments must be made in person and require a valid state issued ID matching the name on the credit card.


Only one person at a time is allowed in the yard to retrieve a vehicle. Once fees have been satisfied, the owner/ agent is required to remove their vehicle from the tow lot immediately.

Registered owner or agent must be chaperoned by a Robey Towing Employee if personal property needs to be removed from any vehicle before payment is made.

There is absolutely NO working on vehicles in the tow lot. This is not limited to install/ removal of batteries, tires or wheels, electronics, accessories


Vehicles and property are only released to the registered owner or their agent. There are no exceptions to this policy. The following is required for every vehicle or property release:

Vehicle Documents:

Valid Vehicle Registration, Valid Rental Agreement, Insurance Card, or any legally supporting document that can identify you as the vehicle owner.

Claimant Documents:

Valid Government or State Issued ID. Identification must match the vehicle documents provided, if you are an agent of the vehicle owner, please provide a notarized letter of authorization from the vehicle owner.

Customer Bill of Rights

Your Rights if your vehicle is towed:

  • An itemized bill of charges
  • Email copies of your violation pictures
  • Retrieve your vehicle without any storage charges if picked up within the 1st 18 hours of towing
  • Retrieve your vehicle without paying the notification fees if picked up within the 1st 72 hours of towing
  • Access to personal property, limited to ONLY identification, medication, children car seats, parking decals at NO CHARGE during normal business hours

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