General FAQs

1Why are the fees so high?
Impound fees are set and regulated by Prince George’s Department of Environmental Resources and are in accordance with the law Sec. 26-142.14.
2Why was my vehicle towed, I was just visiting for a short time?
Every property is unique, and their parking rules and regulations may vary. It is your responsibility when visiting friends and family to ask where you should park and the times that you can park without being towed. This information is provided to every resident at lease signing along with their parking permits. It is not the responsibility of the tow company to inform guests or residents of their parking rules and regulations
3Why do I have to pay storage fees?
Per PG County Code Sec. 26-142.14 (c) Storage charges starts eighteen (18) hours after the time the vehicle was towed.
4Why was my vehicle not towed on a flatbed?
We utilize the best and latest equipment to safely tow your vehicle. Flatbed towing is best used to transport vehicles where the key is available to either drive the car on the bed or place the vehicle in neutral to allow it to be pulled onto the bed. We do not have the keys to any vehicles and getting a vehicle on and off the bed would require dragging and shaking, with this method there is a higher risk of causing possible damage to the vehicle. Wheel lift tow trucks are best suited for tight spaces and garages and are easier to navigate parking lots where vehicles are parked everywhere. We use self-loader tow trucks which means that the only part of the vehicle that our tow truck touches is the rubber tires.
5Why do I have to wait on a driver to release my vehicle?
Vehicles can be reclaimed 24 hours per day. If it is outside of office business hours, an appointment must be made for a driver to release your vehicle.
6I showed up and no one is here to release my vehicle?
If you have arrived outside of our office business hours, you are required to make an appointment for pickup.
7What are notification fees?
By law, certified letters must be mailed to the last registered vehicle owner/s, any listed lienholders and the insurance company on file of where the vehicle is located, fees owed and the contact information to get any additional information regarding picking up vehicle.
8I paid with credit card, Should I reverse my payment?
Per PG County Code Sec. 26-142.14(e), any credit card payment that is reversed or withheld, the tow company has the right to take civil court action against the cardholder. If the tow is deemed valid, the tow company would be eligible for two times (2X) the amount that was reversed, court fees and reasonable attorney’s fees.
9My car needs to be towed by flatbed; how could you tow it?
In recent years and with newer model vehicles that are 4WD, AWD, 4matic and those that use the electric brake system require the use of dollies to be safely towed. Dollies are a system consisting of a set of wheels and rails that are placed beneath the vehicle, this system raises the entire vehicle off the ground and allows it to be safely towed with the vehicle not touching the ground.
10Why was my car towed, I did not see any signs?
Per PG County Code Sec. 26-142.03, signage is to be posted at every entrance “stating that unauthorized parking is prohibited, and any vehicles parked without authorization may be towed and impounded without notice at the vehicle owner's expense."
11Why was my vehicle towed and not given a warning?
Parking on communities or business places are limited, therefore property managers/ HOA’s must implement a parking policy to ensure there is parking for their residents/customers at any time of the day. Parking permits and times for towing without warning are established by management and are the rules for parking within their community or parking lot. Non permitted vehicles are subject to tow immediately and without warning.
12Why did I come home and there is an orange violation sticker on my vehicle?
Vehicles that are deemed inoperable (leaking fluids, broken windows, flat tires, missing wheels, in any state of disrepair) or any vehicle that appears to be abandoned [i.e., remained in the same space for more than a week without moving] are in violation and will be stickered for 48- 72 hours. The violation sticker will state the date the vehicle was stickered, the reason and the date and time scheduled for towing removal.
13What happens if I fail to reclaim my vehicle?
If the owner or secured party fails to reclaim an impounded vehicle within twenty-one (21) days after notice is mailed by the towing company pursuant to Sec. 26-142.12, the owner or secured party is deemed to have waived all his right, title, and interest in the vehicle and to have consented to the sale of the vehicle at public auction.
14Why can’t I pay over the phone for my vehicle?
We do not accept over the phone payments.
15Why can’t I pay, and you deliver my vehicle back to where it was towed from?
By law once a vehicle is towed, it must be taken directly to the storage yard until the registered owner/agent decides to retrieve their vehicle. Processing of payment and documents must be done at our office before a vehicle is released back to the owner/agent.
16I called Robey Towing and they refuse to put a “halt towing” order for my vehicle?
We understand that unfortunate situations may arise, and you may contact us to request that your vehicle not be towed, unfortunately we do not have the authority to give permission and make special allowances for parking. Parking privileges remain the sole responsibility of the property, the property manager, and their agents.
17Why can’t you disclose the identity of the person that ordered by vehicle to be towed?
For privacy purposes, we do not disclose the information of who ordered the tow of your vehicle. For towing to occur, we must have an executed contract with management / property owner and or have a letter of authorization which provide the permission and the reasons a vehicle can be towed from their property
18I do not want my vehicle, how long do I have to get my stuff?
If you have no more interest in your vehicle and just want to retrieve personal property and plates, you must bring your title and key and follow the process to surrender the vehicle. If you are unable to provide the title and key, we would only be able to give you your plates.
19What is the process if I believe my vehicle was damaged during tow?
Instances of damages are rare. Our processes at Robey Towing are transparent and our drivers try their best to document all pre- existing damages prior to tow. We must remember most of our towing occur at night where lighting is not the best, therefore minor scratches and dents can go unnoticed. If damage is done due to towing, it is usually major damage. If you still believe your vehicle has been damaged, please feel free to contact us and file a complaint through our website. Please make sure to submit any photographs or additional evidence you may have. We will evaluate your claim and let you know our decision within 7-10 business days. If it is determined that your vehicle was damaged due to our negligence, Robey Towing will take full responsibility and decide to repair the damages in a timely manner.
20What should I do if I believe my vehicle was not towed rightfully?
We understand how frustrating and inconvenient it can be if your vehicle is towed without your consent. We can provide you with the reason for tow, the pictures validating your tow and the things that you can do to prevent from being towed in the future. If you still feel you should not have been towed, you can request a vehicle show cause hearing by contacting 301-883-5950