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Robey Towing has been serving the PG county Maryland area for over 30 years. We are a 24-hour towing service that specializes in Parking Management and Private Property Impounds.

In recent years, parking in the DMV area has become a scarce and valuable commodity. It requires efficient and consistent management and enforcement to ensure that there is parking for all residents.

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Robey Towing offers the following services.


Roadside Services

Locked out of car? Broken Down? Dead Battery? We will get you where you need to be quickly and safely. Call for a quote today or Click Here to set up services.


Private Property Towing Services

Need abandoned or unauthorized vehicles removed from your property? We specialize in parking management. Tell us your problem, we will provide a solution. Click Here


Mass Moving/Relocation Services

We can safely move hundreds of vehicles quickly. Contractors don't let vehicles be in your way or stall your project. Complete your paving or parking deck project on time.
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Commercial Services

Don't leave your employees stranded on the road! Set up service today. We can get your commercial vehicles or fleet back on the road as soon as possible. Click Here

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Robey Towing takes the towing business very seriously, and just as seriously, the commitment to our customers. All of our customers, either large or small, are important to us. We guarantee prompt and efficient service and we take no customer for granted. Our employees go through intense training and background checks. We pride ourselves by courteous and experienced employees who conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Our Mission

The mission of Robey Towing and Transportation is very simplistic in nature, to provide fast and courteous service at an affordable price. If you are looking for a towing company that you can trust and rely on, then look no further. Robey Towing and Transportation Inc. comes highly recommended.

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    General FAQs

    1Why are the fees so high?
    Impound fees are set and regulated by Prince George’s Department of Environmental Resources and are in accordance with the law Sec. 26-142.14..
    2Why was my vehicle towed, I was just visiting for a short time?
    Every property is unique, and it’s parking rules and regulations may vary. It is your responsibility when visiting friends and family to ask where you should park and the times that you can park without being towed. This information is provided to every resident at lease signing along with their parking permits. It is not the responsibility of the tow company to inform guests or residents of their parking rules and regulations.
    3Why do I have to pay storage fees?
    Per PG County Code Sec. 26-142.14 (c) Storage charges start eighteen (18) hours after the time the vehicle was towed.
    4Why was my vehicle not towed on a flatbed?
    We utilize the best and latest equipment to safely tow your vehicle. Flatbed towing is best used to transport vehicles where the key is available to either drive the car on the bed or place the vehicle in neutral to allow it to be pulled onto the bed. We do not have the keys to any vehicles and getting a vehicle on and off the bed would require dragging and shaking, with this method there is a higher risk of causing possible damage to the vehicle. Wheel lift tow trucks are best suited for tight spaces and garages and are easier to navigate parking lots where vehicles are parked everywhere. We use self-loader tow trucks which means that the only part of the vehicle that our tow truck touches is the rubber tires.
    5Why do I have to wait on a driver to release my vehicle?
    Vehicles can be reclaimed 24 hours per day. If it is outside of office business hours, an appointment must be made for a driver to release your vehicle.

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